Ordering Options

Option 1:   Paper Order

A.  There are blank order forms at the East Chestnut Street MC Meetinghouse, under the mailboxes and at the Cafe Campesino display.  Simply follow the directions on the form.


B.  On the main page to this site http://www.wickboom.com/Coffee/CCCoffee.html  there is a link under the title, "Order Form as PDF File."  Clicking the link will give you the option to open a blank form and print it for one-time use.  Or, download the form to your computer as a permanent .pdf file and print out a copy as you need one.  The completed order can be placed in Sheldon Martin's church mailbox or scanned and emailed as an attachment to ecscoffee@gmail.com .

Option 2 (preferred):  Online Ordering

Next to the pdf-order link on the main page is a link "Order Form Online."  Click that link to open a dialog page where you can input and submit orders online.  Read the instructions carefully, especially the first time you use it.  Note that no payment is required at ordering time.  The form is simply a data gathering tool that makes compiling and submitting the full monthly order to Cafe Campesino easier and more accurate.

If you have any questions about customer monthly ordering, contact ecscoffee@gmail.com


Option 3:  Standing Order Option

In many ways this is the best option.  It is convenient, flexible and allows for fewer (and later) payments for coffee ordered.

Steps to set it up:

1.  Send an email to ecscoffee@gmail.com, stating the variety (bag size, product, ground or whole bean, packaging) that you wish to have automatically ordered for you each month.  Unless the coffee orderer is advised otherwise, that product will be ordered for you each month.

2.  Substitutions.  If you wish to order a different variety from your "default" bag or bags each month, simply send an email prior to the ordering deadline to ecscoffee@gmail.com explaining the substitution. Or, fill out an online or paper order form for the variety you do want for the month and add a note in the comment section of the online form or somewhere on the paper form, something like "substitute for auto-order variety XYZ."  Note:  if you submit an order for another variety during a month without noting that it is a substitute for an auto-order, that additional order will be added to your automatically-ordered items.

3.  Pause.  If you don't want any coffee during a given month, simply send an email to ecscoffee@gmail.com prior to the ordering deadline, requesting no automatic order on coffee XYZ for this month (see information about the minimum annual ordering amount below).

Standing Order Terms:

Note:  standing-order payment and ordering terms are subject to change without notice.























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