Coffee Prices

As of September, 2011, all coffee prices are an even $11.50 / pound

Simply multiply the number of pounds ordered by $11.50 to calculate the full order total.

Available Roasts (descriptions from Cafe Campesino)

    Café Campesino Description               Common Description

    Medium Roast - Light body, bright nutty flavor.            "Light Roast"

    Full City Roast - Some nutty flavor of Medium,          "Medium Roast" 

          and some rich and sweet flavor of Dark.

    French Roast - Very bold flavor and deep,                     "Dark Roast"

          dark color with a rich, syrupy taste.


Coffees Available

Single-origin coffees

Colombia Medium - Fair Trade Organic. This medium-bodied coffee has sweet fruity fragrances with a complex flavor and a low, gentle acidity. Produced by   the 540 members of the Fondo Paez cooperative in the mountains of southwestern Colombia; and the 270 families of the APCO-Ocamonte cooperative. These beans are grown at altitudes of 4,300 feet or higher and are washed and sun-dried.

Guatemala Full City - Fair Trade Organic. This coffee has a sweet, fruity aroma and a clean, sweet flavor. Medium acidity and a long, sweet aftertaste. Grown by our friends at the Apecaform cooperative, with 400 farmers in 19 communities; and the 32 families of the Santa Anita cooperative. Cultivated at altitudes between 3,500 and 5,900 feet, washed, and sun-dried.

Nicaragua French Roast - Fair Trade Organic. This light-bodied coffee has a soft herbal fragrance and a sweet flavor with medium acidity and a short aftertaste. Produced by some of the nearly 2,000 members of the Cecocafen Cooperative at altitudes between 2,600 and 4,600 feet, this coffee is washed and sun-dried.

Coffee Blends

Benevolent Medium Blend - Fair Trade Organic. A lighter blend of medium roasted Nicaragua beans, with Sumatra Viennese and Peru Viennese added for extra richness. This medium bodied coffee has a sweet fruity fragrance and a fresh sweet taste with a gentle medium acidity.

Justice Full City Blend - Fair Trade Organic. A pleasing combination of our Mexico Chiapas Full City and our Sumatra Gayo Viennese. This well-balanced coffee has a nutty chocolate fragrance and flavor with a low acidity and a sweet nutty aftertaste.

Decaffeinated Varieties

Decaf Full City House Blend - Fair Trade Organic. Natural Water Process Decaffeinated with medium body and soft acidity. From the producers of Oaxaca, Mexico and the CAC Pangoa producers of Peru.

Decaf French Roast House Blend - Fair Trade Organic. Natural Water Process Decaffeinated with smooth and mellow body. From the producers of Oaxaca, Mexico and the CAC Pangoa producers of Peru.